Solving the Enigma of the Earth

Taeko Shiraki (Kayoko and Miyo Suniki renamed)

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Earthquake Clouds etc.

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The "You tribe" story( Arabic)

The story of universe

The story of the earth( Arabic)

Story of the ISHIJIN and human beings

The story of Jesus

The story of Islam( Arabic)

The story of Neu

(Meaning of cloud, rainbow, earthquake, etc.)

The story of Turkey

The story of New Zealand

The story of Australia

The story of "YAMA-TAI-KOKU"

(Not transrated to english yet)

The story of Shakyamuni and Buddha

(Not transrated to english yet)

Meaning of Crop Circle

(Not transrated to english yet)

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Web Animation(New ver.)


Thanks to:O-Vibes Design

This is a web animation of "Ishikami (Stone gods)" which was created by web designer Mr. Hiko. This is one part of messages from the sky. This animation tells you how people was created, enigma of many big stone ruins, the meaning of gods of mountain, etc.
(This animation is based on initial messages from the sky, so it is different from recent messages from the sky.)

This animation needs FLASH plagin.


Web picture book

This is a picture book of "Ishikami (Stone gods)" which was created by our book's reader. This is also one part of messages from the sky.