The story of universe


The story of universe


The story of universe (from birth of stars to birth of life)

The beginning of the universe there was darkness.
First of all, the consciousness was born in the darkness. It was "What?"
Someone with "What?" was the origin of the universe, The Ohmoto.
The Ohmoto was lonely. So he tried to look for others.

At first his consciousness started the action catching something like castanets.
So some consciousness, which didn't want to be caugh, were born.
They escaped from him.
And he started to run after them.
But they stopped running because they wanted to know who was chasing them.
And they both got together. They became the consciousness of Love.

Then something was born. They were tiny things, "Atoms".
Some consciousness which were being chased by another stopped.
They became atomic nucleuses. And chasing consciousness became electorons.
They continued to chase another because they like chasing and didn't want to stop.
Many new atoms were born like that. And they filled the universe.

The first atom was called helium. All of them were equal and peaceful. But they got tired of that little by little. They continued to chase each other.
Many atoms were in the universe. And they started to chase each other.

Then their movement created a huge spiral. The center of the spiral was compressed gradually.
In the end it was burst and sparked. Sparks flew in the dark. The sparks were the first light in the dark. The sparks gathered atoms around them and became masses.

A lot of spirals were born and a lot of masses of light were born.
Then, stars were created by them.

The stars gathered and formed a oval because they wanted to be with their fellows. The oval is called A Galaxy.
Some groups like the Galaxy were created in the universe. Each star was a massive group of atoms, helium. They had some consicousness.

The first group of stars was created near the Ohmoto. It was called Sagittarius.
It had the consciousness to take good care of another as an elder brother or sister.

A lot of stars had been created in the universe. The Ohmoto arranged them in the universe.
Though some stars didn't like to be arranged. So the war of stars was caused.

After the war, some discontented consciousnesses became a mass. The mass drifted in the universe.
The Ohmoto thought to try to clean it up.

At first he created his double, Hoshinomina. Then he made her clean the universe.
Hoshinomina created a mass of atoms to collect discontented consciousness in the universe.
The mass was helium.

At first atoms formed lightning and struck the mass of helium. The lightning burned the mass and made it a fireball.

The fireball of helium gradually collected discontented consciousnesses and burned them.
The fireball was getting bigger and bigger.

Finally, the fireball became a star. The star was called Earth.

Other stars kept away from the Earth because they didn't want to burn. The Earth thought there was no choice but to go out of the universe.

But Hoshinomina said for the Earth to stay in the universe. Because she wanted to leave evidence that she clern the universe.

The Earth was burning hot after the fire went out. Atoms of helium changed to solid atoms of iron. Because they desired to form.

The Earth was still soft spherical and unstable. And it floated in the universe.
The Ohmoto created a group of solar systems to change the Earth to the star of hope.

And he asked the elder stars Sagittarius "What should I do?" They told him "we will form a square and plunge it to into the Earth to make it hold still."
He agreed with their idea and asked them to do that.

The first beings of Sagittarius plunged into the Earth.
At last the Earth stopped moving.
Then atoms of the first beings of Sagittarius changed to silicon because the Earth was very hot.

After that other beings of Sagittarius came down on the Earth which was a mass of molten iron. They thought they'd try to cover the surface of the Earth.
Many beings came down on the Earth.

At the first they were so soft that they became a mass like dough.
Next they formed a wide, thin layer and covered the surface of the Earth.

But the surface of the Earth is very wide. One group of beings of Sagittarius couldn't finish covering all of the Earth. So many groups of them came down around the Earth. And they connected with each other.
The joints became volcanic belt and deep-sea trenches.

Beings that came down from Sagittarius were called "Ishikami".

After the Ishikami covered the surface of the Earth, the Ishikami continued coming from Sagittarius. They came down as a huge mass. And they became Gondwanaland.

Some Ishikamis, which became a center of Gondwanaland, didn't like moving. So they stayed in the place where they came down to the Earth. They became the Eurasian Continent.

On the other hand, some Ishikamis which wanted to see the new world moved. They became the American Continent, the African Continent, the Australian Continent and some islands.

Atoms of helium in the universe hoped to help the Earth. And they wanted to make the Ohmoto's hope come true, that everything has harmony in a circle (O).
Atoms of helium (He) went through a body of the Ishikami whose shape looks like a jellyfish. They came out in a circle because they went through a narrow hole, and changed into atoms of oxgyen (O).

The Earth which the Ishikamis made hard was still hot. So the Ohmoto asked Mercury to cool it.

At first some consciousness of Mercury changed atoms of hydrogen (H). The shape of "H" shows atoms are hand in hand. Because they didn't want to live on the Earth alone as it was too hot.
And many atoms of hydrogen went down to the Earth, linked with atoms of oxygen, changed water (H2O), and cooled the Earth.

Although the Earth was too hot for water to cool. So atoms of sodium and chlorine joined in the water to cool it more powerfully. And they fell as a lot of rain all over the Earth.

So there was salt which atoms of sodium and atoms of chloride combined to make not only in the sea but also on a mountain. Rain concentrated in lower places so they became the sea.

Atoms of silicon which the Ishikami changed, formed anything they hoped. Some formed rocks, some formed soil. And the Earth became the various layers.
But some came down into the sea.

Some of them didn't form rock because they thought it was not interesting to stay in the same place.
They became various algae.
At first the algae became plant planktons. Next they became animal planktons. At last they became life

Atoms formed many kinds of animals and planets, which were imaged and passed down to atoms by the beings of the skies and the Ishikamis.

Then the beings of the skies and the Ishikamis wanted to create wise animals, human beings, which can realize them.

Human beings were created by intelligence of the Ishikamis.

At first they let atoms in the universe show a shape of human beings by Nazca lined etc.
They ordered atoms to form it.
And atoms collected of their own free will and formed it.

So, all life was formed by the Ishikami which changed to silicon.
You don't forget that all atoms have consciousness. And everything on the Earth has consciousness as well. Mountain, rock, all of things moving etc.
Moreover, the air which you can't see has consciousness.

There are many strangely shaped rocks on the Earth like Stonehenge, arched rocks, Devil's marbles etc. Because the Ishikamis could tell atoms and order them to form it.

The End

Translator from japanese to english : T.K (Our friend)