The story of Australia


The story of Australia


[The following story is all told through channeling and was not written by imagination. ]

A long time ago in ancient times.

There occurred the war among stars.
The king of extraterrestrials of Sagittarius went missing.
Therefore the queen of Sagittarius came down to the earth to look for the king. 
The queen was like a soft round rice cake as big as a mountain and was called Stone god.
The queen gave birth to giants and Stone men from her soft body as her alter egos.
Many Stone gods followed the queen and came down everywhere on the earth. 
As Stone men who looked like humans could not produce descendants, they wanted to create the humans who could understand Stone men.
They created humans in the stone circles with the widsom of the beings in the universe.
They also made amphitheater, stone chambers etc.

Munoia, the prince of Sagittarius came down following the queen to the continent of the south which disappeared now.
Munoia lived happily with Stone men and humans who were made by imitating Stone men.
Eventually the beings of the Ruler's Stars which wanted to dominate the earth came down in the shape of serpents.
The giants. alter ego of Stone gods, Stone men and humans were dominated by the Ruler's Stars and they came to indulge in the fight with one another.  
After a while the second princess of Sagittarius came down to Australia.
She also came down with the giants in her belly.
She felt sorry to see the dire state of the people in the continent where Munoia stayed.
She wanted to help people in trouble sooner by any means.
As she formed the shape a little sooner when she entered stratosphere, the giants burned and the color of the skin became brown and the hair tended to fret. 
Crow was also down to the stratosphere for preview and became black by the same reason.
However the princess could revive the giant and the crow and they got healthy immediately.
Those who have the subconscious mind that remember the blackened giant came to be born as black people with brown skin.
The elder who came down with the princess put the giants in his belly, too.
As the elder was very wise, he taught various necessary wisdom for living.
He saw the giants who had been taken to the earth by Munoia and humans were dominated by the Ruler's Stars.
So he taught humans never to kill each other.

He was told through telepathy by the queen who had come down to Japan earlier to make the things by which humans can notice them.
The queen had made various shaped rocks like Obareishi stone( in Japan) with her soft body.

Obareishi(Obare stone in Japan)

However she found it hard for humans to find them if they were made on the high mountain like in case of Obare Stone in Japan.
Therefore she advised the elder to make rocks which are easy for humans to find them.
He made his round body flatten as much as possible so that humans could climb his body( Wave Rock).

Wave Rock seen from the sky

The elder told Stone men to dig a shallow hole on his soft body and taught to drink the water which was accumulated in the hole.

The elder also taught to Stone men to make the big wave-shaped rock(Wave Rock) beside his body so that the subconscious mind of princess and prince can visit Japan in the form of typhoon where the queen stays .

The elder taught humans the way to find water even in the desert and gave the ability of telepathy in order to talk with far away fellows.
The giant took away a part of his body and made the cave for humans in order to rest and bear the severe heat and cold.

The being of Sagittarius suggested to make the rock of five fingers (finger rock) to represent the human body, and asked the beings in the universe to make the flower for representing the fingers.

As Stone gods wanted to let humans know that they had come down to the earth by holding the giants in their bellies, they asked the beings in the universe to make animals which bring up their babies in the bag of their bellies.
At first they had platypus make but humans could not see platypus well because they are in the water.
Therefore they consulted with the beings in the universe and made kangaroos etc which bring up their babies in their bellies on the ground.

Pinnacles was made to show stars were neatly lining before the star war but they fell to pieces after the war.

(Carnac ruins show the stars which were neatly lining.)

Mar lock is called by the name of Devils Maburusu, which is the harassment way of calling, is the community of rock boulders.  
Those rocks represent oxygen and carbon.

They also represent alter ego and giants came out of Stone gods.

Remarkable Rock of Kangaroo Island is the giant round rock which makes an appearance suddenly on the Bush's coast.
The huge rock with complex shape has been put on it. 
It represents the moon popped out of the earth and was
separated from the earth.

Stone gods who had come down from the sky to Australia wanted to leave the evidence that they had come from the universe and made the mysterious rocks which were hard to be made naturally.

They also made a round bay so that whales could give birth to the babies at ease. 
Stone gods and giants slept quietly in the desert.
Aboriginal people worshiped Stone gods as gods(Ayers Rock) who have taught various things to them and have cherished and protected them.
The nanny of Stone gods who came down from the sky with others was called Mount Olga and she tried to approach the princess as much as possible and her body fell to pieces like the image below.

Aborigines worshiped Stone gods but at the same time they came to cherish serpents as gods and came to believe the false stories that giants ate humans told by the Ruler's Stars.
Therefore they stopped showing people various rocks and caves which Stone gods made with much efforts to make and have sealed off Stone gods.
They have sealed off Stone gods by making it a rule not to open to public by photos of huge rocks which Stone gods made with much effort.
(As big drought occurred in 2007 in Australia meant Stone gods showed their desire to remove the sealing off Stone gods by worshiping serpents as gods and pay attention to Stone gods .
Generation of the abnormal large number of flies show the energy body of serpents.)
The first princess of Sagittarius had remained in Sagittarius until the end but she also descended to New Zealand as she got lonely because other princes and princesses had gone to the earth.
The third princess, Yunoia descended to the continent called Remunoia.
However the androids (the robots of Atlantis ) which had been there destroyed the country of Atlantis.
There is the entrance to the underground cavity (inner universe) which is located directly below the surface of the earth.
As the Ruler's Stars tried to invade into the entrance to the Underground cavity, Stone gods of Remunoia made a lot of giants, who moved the continent to the position of today's South Pole in unison and blocked the entrance to the Underground cavity.
As Munoia was also dominated by the Ruler's Stars, he got angry and dared to sink the continent.
The beings in the universe felt sorry for Munoia and humans who sank into the sea , advised them to turn into the tropical fish and the coral.

Mar lock