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Thank you for your visiting my site.
This home page has introduced the information given by the spiritual bodies in the universe since 1998.
The title of home page is "Solving the Enigma of the Earth".
Each of the information was given just as a small one of the small parts of Jigsaw puzzle.
Therefore if you read a part of the information, you may not be able to understand the meaning of the information.
However some of you may think you've found the answer for all of the enigmas which you have pursued by subconsciousness, because every kind of enigmas are solved one after another by the information which are given by 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
The contents of the information is far beyond the common sense until now but they are consistent over all.
The main point of the information is every atom has consciousness because consciousness showed up first at the beginning of the universe and atoms were born next.
The long and short of it, all the material and things with shapes like rocks, creatures, clouds, and so on have consciousness because they are made of atoms.
Why are those things informed in order to solve the enigma of the earth?
The people on the earth are caught by the religions which were given long ago and conflict is unceasing.
Therefore the beings from the stars want us to turn our eyes on such points as why the earth is the planet of water and why creatures live on it?
The beings from the stars think they are the enigma of the earth and people can make the earth peaceful when we turn our eyes on such points.
They inform in detail about the beginning of the religions because conflict is unceasing owing to the difference of the religions.
The interpretation of "an eye for an eye" of Islam is regarded as the teaching of revenge is wrong.
Islam preached as "an eye for an eye" which meant "if somebody gave you something beautiful to see, you should gift them back something beautiful to see, and as "a tooth for a tooth" meant "if somebody gave you something to eat, you should gift them back something to eat."
This meant that we should not monopolize the grace of God, though it is regarded as the teaching of revenge now as I told you previously. (What the beings from the stars want to claim is that it is wrong a part of human beings monopolize the wealth and many suffer from hunger.
They claim that the thing which the earth gives human beings should be divided equally.)
Another information was given for the peace of the earth.
The evidence which shows the ancestors of Palestinians and Jews are the same, came out of the desert of Egypt.
It is the ship which were found in the desert of Egypt.
"You fellows story" https://sora.ishikami.jp/stories/you.html

Therefore "The stories from the sky" which is the summary of the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' is translated into Arabic, English, Hebrew and they have been sent to each country.

The information about late Arafat

Sharon and Judaism

I was given the advice by the female documentary director of Palestine that I should convey the information of 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' by the organization rather than individual.
"The NPO Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth for the Peace of the Earth" was set up by those who volunteer according to her advice.
The NPO organization has started its activities since 2009.

The book which summarizes the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' is published from Sky and Star Publication.

How is the information conveyed from the beings from the stars(spiritual bodies in the universe)?

I sometimes feel itchy or light pain on one point (like fingers) of my body.
At that time I regard those itch or light pain as the signal from the beings from the stars and I concentrate my thoughts on it.
Then my tongue begins to move faintly and the movement of my tongue begins to speak the words.
The contents given by the faint movement of my tongue is far beyond my imagination but those which have been informed for more than ten years are consistent and they came to form the whole figure when it is compared to the work of jigsaw puzzle.

The answer about how the evil was born, was given to me in 2009.
The evil was born inevitably because the world of material appeared.
The good and evil forms the front and back side.
Though I have opened the evil to public, I was told it is important to proceed forward thereafter.

"Collection of links"

This information has wide variety of information and you will find lots of links.

The enigma of ruins in the world are solved one after another.

"The earthquake and the clouds"
Countless images of the clouds prove that there is the close relation between the clouds and the earthquakes.
Big earthquakes are informed by the clouds more thane one month ago.
Small ones are informed by the clouds of the day before.
Why are earthquakes and the clouds are related?
You will consent if you know the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
If you know The True SKY(SORA)Info, it is sure you won't feel unnecessary terror.

"Crop Circle"
I was told the number of Crop Circles become less from now on, as the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' is being informed through internet or the books in this way.
If you read this site, you will consent to what I tell you.
https://sora.ishikami.jp/e/cropcircle/ (English)
https://sora.ishikami.jp/cropcircle/ (Japanese)

#)The photo album collections of the megalith and ruins are introduced in the following site.

"The course to membership"
The building of my HP was given the cooperation by the volunteer member and I have opened it to public more than ten years.
I have conveyed most of the information.
However some of the people taunt this information.
Therefore I decided to move this HP to the membership only for the people who want to know this information more seriously.

The following is the history of my home page.

From July 25, 1998, I started to receive messages from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' at Toyota-city, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

From around 2000, I started to open these messages to public by web page.

In April, 2000, I published a book "The message from stars".

In December 2002, I set up publishing company in Sapporo-city of Hokkaido Japan and began to introduce these messages.

On July 17, 2008, I moved my company to Sanda-city in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Thereafter I introduced the messages of 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' to the world through the lecture meeting, internet, booklets , and so on.
However I found there is a limit to an individual.
Therefore the supporters of me were kind enough to set up "The NPO Association for Solving the Enigma of the Earth for the Peace of the Earth" which has done the chief activities since then.

Shiraki Taeko