The "You tribe" story


The "You tribe" story


Our book "The earth story" which is written in japanese and it was made to know from consciousness of the sky, reveals the facts which was hidden in the history until now.

This "You tribe" story is a part of the various stories in the book.

In the old days, the culture of the world was much more advanced than we now imagine.

However, the people in the past did not have the ability to write about what their lives were like.

Therefore, all we can do until now was to imagine the life of the past by referring to scientist research.

The country of Israel had an advanced culture, so the people were living happily.

However, even in this happy country, there were some people who wanted to live peacefully at home and others who wanted to leave the country for trading.

These nomads were nicknamed "You tribe" because they wanted to associate and get involved with other people. The name "YOU" came from their active character "We want to deal with YOU".

Those who wanted to live in their homeland Israel decided to stay in the country.
The "You tribe" people made a large ship and sailed abroad for trading, leaving the others behind.

There was a large amount of rainfall each year in Egypt back in the past, therefor many plants and animals could thrive peacefully.

There was a big tributary to the Nile River where ships could enter near the city.

"You tribe" people sailed up the tributary to the city in order to associate with the new people and find jobs there.

However, since an evil king was ruling Egypt at that time, all the "You tribe" were caught and made slaves.

After that, rain decreased in Egypt and many trees were cut down to form a better culture. Therefore, the tributary of the Nile River eventually turned into a vast desert and the "You tribe" ship was left in the desert.

The word of "You" changes for a long time, and these "You tribe" are called Jews today.

This explains to you why Jewish people did not have a country and why they wanted to return to the land of Israel.

History after that is widely known by the story "The Israelites flee from Egypt" and many others.

The people who did not leave Israel found the Islamic religion later on and based their lives on it. Now, they are called Palestinian.

Even though the Jewish people and the Palestinian people have different religions, they were originally from the same country and were good friends.

It is written in "The earth story" that various religions after that were born.

The end.

Translator from japanese to english : Gary Jr. (Our friend)