The story of Jesus


The story of Jesus


(This story is a continuation of The story of Isram.)

During the Atlantis era, one of twins Minerva has grown up.
He married the queen of Atlantis, they had a child, and lived happily.
Thousands of years have passed after that and Minerva was reborn as Jesus in Jerusalem.

The father of Jesus was a big man, and Mary was very small with the body like a child.
Although people did not think that Mary had become pregnant by no means, since the child was born suddenly one day, everyone was surprised.
When Jesus grow up as a child he went to India repeatedly in order to help the economic situation of the household as the help of a merchant's people .

Then during his trip, he met a son of the ship owner, Mahomet, and they found out that they had a same nick on each other's hands. And they got to know each other since both had a gentle nature and recognized that they had similar feature in that.
Every time they met, they discussed how to make the world be peaceful.

Later, Jesus has stood on his own feet and worked as a mason under his father. Although he was working with his father, he worried about that father abused his Mother, Mary, because his father had a drinking problem.

One night, Jesus was looking at the meteoric shower of a night sky.
Then, the voice was suddenly heard from the sky.
It declared, "The Voice of God", and since then the power to cure the illness was given to Jesus. It said, "From now on, follow the voice."
Since the next day, Jesus could cure illness just by putting a hand over affected area.
People who heard the rumor came to Jesus one after another, and came to have illness cured.
Jesus always told very gently the persons who were always fighting that they should reconcile each other.
On the other hand, gentle Mary was similar to Jesus and bringing up orphans. One of them was Bartholomew.
The meaning of Bartholomew's name is "a child of foreign country". He was a naughty boy, but after he's grown up, he got wise and became the pupil of Jesus.
The people who saw Jesus was moved by his good deed and they became his pupil one after another, and lived in a group gradually.
However, while they were living in a group, various problems also occurred and Jesus made the rule.
Although there were some pupils who complained that the rules were too severe, only Judah always followed the instructions of Jesus , and helped Jesus.

Mary was also bringing up an orphan with her mercy. One day one of the pupils brought a crying child who looked as if he was born in wealthy family.
Since he did not understand the language, because he was a foreign child, everybody called him "Bartholomew". That means "a small person from a foreign country."
It seemed that Bartholomew had got separated from parents, and might be the child of the merchant of Italy.
In the beginning, Bartholomew did nothing but cry, but since he met gentle Mary and the same kind of children there, he got used to the environment soon. Jesus especially loved him, and Bartholomew became attached to him.
Kind Jesus took him all the way to Italy for searching Bartholomew's parents, but he was not able to find them at all.

Then, Emma, the brought-up orphan, grew up to be a beautiful girl.
Emma seduced Jesus but he admonished her gently, since Jesus thought of Emma like a younger sister.
Selfish Emma thought that Jesus didn't care about her even though Jesus was busy with curing a sick person. She didn't like it, and told other people the secret of Jesus plausibly. That was; Jesus was told by the voice that declares itself God to rise up from the rule of Rome, and to cause a rebellion. Since it had been said to other men Jesus worried about it. However the person who was jealous of popular Jesus, spread the rumor.
According to the rumor,"Jesus said that he was going to be a king of Judea", and further, rumor spread all over Jerusalem and turned into the rumor; "Jesus wants to be a king of Judea and he thinks that he would have a war against Rome."

The people who considered that it would be a problem if there were a war, spread the rumor further, and it reached even chief Pilatus in Rome who was governing Jerusalem at the time.
People asked Pilatus to put Jesus on trial.
He had heard from daughter Nias that Jesus was very kind, only to cure the sick person, so he wondered what to do.

Moreover, a lot of money was delivered from Mary on the day before a trial. He wanted to make people decide, since he was asked by Mary to make Jesus into innocence without issuing judgment.
People who believed rumor that Jesus was going to be a king and have a war against Rome, asked Pilatus that Jesus should be crucified.
In this way, since Emma leaked the secret of Jesus, people who considered that it would be troubled if war was arranged asked Pilatus Jesus would be crucified with one voice.

However, since the soldier who attended at the sentence, had been told not to kill Jesus from Pilatus, Jesus was only stabbed a little in the side with a spear.
Jesus was actually fainted away because of the pain of the crucifixion. Everybody assumed that Jesus passed away and returned home.
At night, although younger brother of Jesus and Judah were surprised to find Jesus was alive when they got Jesus down from the cross, but made him pretend to be dead and Jesus was just carried out to the grave.
When everybody who was present in the grave returned home, only Judah remained with the younger brother and Jesus was taken to the house of Manami under cover of the darkness.
Although Manami was a woman to whom Jesus was fallen love and she was helping Mary. There was a girl between them. Mary concerned with the world and to speak about it even a bit was not allowed, so that had been made to hide.
Mamani had returned to the house alone near the Galilee Lake which was her hometown reluctantly, and brought up the child under the financial support of Jesus.
Judah decided to shelter Jesus in the house of Manami, and she nursed hard Jesus. Therefore he was able to recover his health.
As Jesus was getting better, he and a younger brother Judah consulted to go to Japan.
However people found out that Jesus had escaped, the same as Manami. She fell victim of a lion, and was killed.
Their child was taken away and was sold to the farmhouse of Poland where he was forced to work hard by avaricious husband and wife.

Jesus wanted to go to Japan by the following reason.
That is, Jesus heard two kinds of voice, one was a faint voice from Sagittarius and Stone gods, and the other one was stronger voice than that.
Since stronger voice said that people should have a war, Jesus wore the thorny crown so that strong voice could not be heard.
Then strong voice stopped and only the faint voice of Stone gods was able to be heard.
Stone gods had also told Mary before that they should go to Far East, Japan.
That is why Jesus was told from Mary that the true God was in Japan.
Then, by Judah, the younger brother, the captain, and Bartholomew that was still a boy, escaped from Jerusalem secretly.
They went over Mahomet's place since they had become friends with each other before and asked if they were able to get a ship because they were pursued by someone.
Kind-hearted Mahomet found Jesus troubled, donated the ship.
They went over India first by ship.
Judah has just got off the ship in India since he was not able to keep the voyage and the acquaintance of Jesus also stayed at the place, however, Jesus arrived at the northeast of Japan with the help of Stone gods.
Since Jesus was able to cure the sick people, people of the land welcomed him.
Although the younger brother and the captain remained in the northeast region of Japan and married to someone of the place, however, by curing sick persons, Jesus and some rode on the ship and got down south.
Jesus cured sick persons constantly as they dropped in at a harbor and Stone gods navigated them to move around.
Since the people of Ibaragi of Japan believed Stone gods and welcomed Jesus he stayed long there. They have also left the record about Jesus.
Later they arrived in Osaka, since they heard that true God was around there by rumor and they decided to settle down in Jyusou in Osaka of Japan. Jyusou means 13.
How 13 = JUUSOU was named? It is because there were 13 pupils of Jesus. (Bartholomew was added since he was grown up.)
Then, they told the instruction of peace, curing the sick people.
After a while, they heard that Jewish parents and children were caught in the big flood and had arrived in Japan a long time ago at the time of Noah's flood. There was also a rumor that there were the descendants of Noah in Japan.
Then, the Noah's descendant was discovered by them and he was adopted. Jesus taught various teachings as argument was bad, etc.
Jesus had the adopted child attended the last, and died peacefully.
The descendant of Jesus who kept what was taught by kind Jesus was elected Emperor in the election of people. That was Emperor Nintoku, which means benevolent Emperor. He had the grave; keyhole-shaped mound of the character of Ohm.
The keyhole-shaped mound meant the dead body of the giant of Stone god.
Since it became the shape when the giant passed away, he had a grave made there.

Jesus was able to escape the voice of the Ruler's Stars by wearing a thorny crown, and was led by the voice of Stone gods.
Then, the last testament of him was kept when he died and wanted to be buried near Stone gods of the rocky mountain in Ikoma in Osaka, Japan.
And in order to tell the story that he was a quarryman and had 13 pupils, and his spirit got down to the posterity people were asked to make 13-fold stone tower.
The true grave of Jesus is located in Mt. Ikoma, in Osaka, and there is also Bartholomew's grave beside it.
But some people say that a grave of Jesus is in Aomori, because his younger brother and captain of Jesus got married there and there was also descendants there, so that some people have Caucasian DNA in the Tohoku district.
Moreover, the songs and customs of Hebrew language still remain there.

The End.