The story of Islam


The story of Islam


Long time ago, an extraterrestrials called "Stone gods(Ishikami)" who lived in Sagittarius came to the earth.
Stone gods who looked like mountains alighted to the earth carrying human beings in their bellies.
Those human beings were ancestors of modern humans including Atlantis people.
Among Atlantis people, there were good twins who were named Minerva and Munerva.
Both of them had a mole on the back of their hands.

After long time went by, the twins were reincarnated.
One was named Jesus, and the other was named Mahomet.
Those two boys came across each other, and became good friends again.
Of course, they did not remember what had happened long before, but they became friends after they found the same figured scar in their palms.
Both of them became remarkable person, but Jesus was in peril of his life by people with jealousy.
So Jesus asked Mahomet for help to elude his pursuers and run away.
Mahomet had pity on Jesus and gave him a ship.
Thanks to Mahomet, Jesus was able to escape from his pursuers.
However, Mahomet was killed by a bad man who did not like that Mahomet helped Jesus.
The bad man made the property of Mahomet his own, and he brought up Mahomet's son "Muhammad".
The bad man was afraid that Muhammad would suspect what he had done, and he tried to kill Muhammad many times.
For this reason, Muhammad grew up without affection from people around him.
His father "Mahomet", who was killed, was very gentle and popular with people.
Mahomet preached as "an eye for an eye" which meant "if somebody gave you something beautiful to see, you should gift them back something beautiful to see, and as "a tooth for a tooth" meant "if somebody gave you something to eat, you should gift them back something to eat." This meant that we should not monopolize the grace of God.
However the bad man modified these words as horrible law to take revenge.
He taught Muhammad as "if someone hurts your eye, hurt the eye of that person. If someone breaks one of your teeth, then break one of that person's teeth".
In addition, Muhammad was also taught that the Christians had killed his father.

Muhammad was not able to trust anyone because he always felt someone was trying to kill him.
The only person he loved was his younger sister, but he began to fear for her life as well.
So whenever she went out, he advised her to hide her face with a cloth so that no one could recognize her.
That is why he ordered all women to veil their faces.
Nevertheless, he felt nervous and was not able to find peace.
Then he trained martial arts so that he got tougher.

One day, when he was practicing hard, he heard a voice.
The voice said, "I am going to show you the spot where black water (petroleum and coal tar) is gushing up. However someone will try to kill you after the black water gushes up. He is going to be the man who has the relation with your younger sister."

In the meantime, his younger sister fell in love with a man, and she said that she intended to marry him. Her lover was one of Muhammad's followers.
After anguish, Muhammad stabbed his sister's eyes and killed his follower.

Muhammad expanded his land since he was obedient to the voice, but he felt remorse and felt guilty for his action until the end of his life.
Muhammad crowned and became the stronger king than ever, and laid down strict rules.
As Muhammad heard the voice say "You had better rest your stomach because you seem to overeat". Therefore Muhammad commanded people to obey the words. (This rule turned into "Ramadan".)
And Muhammad commanded people to wrap a piece of cloth around their heads not to hear the voice except Muhammad. It was because the voice sounded above Muhammad's head.
In addition Muhammad commanded people to pay tribute to the Sun and the earth as a token of thanks. (This rule turned into Prayer facing Mecca.)
And the voice said that dragons are the symbol of evil and they had turned into pigs, so Muhammad prohibited eating of pork.

Muhammad laid down such strict rules, but he also advocated the good custom such as taking good care of family and friends.
Thus, in Islam, rules created in ancient times are still in force today.
However, the true Islamic doctrine is very wonderful. For example being thankful to nature and being nice to people.
Today discords and wars never end for a long time in this world. Because people have handed erroneous doctrines down to their descendants.
Mahomet who is in the sky told me in channeling to tell people how he has been felt so sad.

The end.