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If you are a reader of my books, please write feel free to like your strange dreams and experiences.
If your question is only to read my home page, I refuse that I can't tell the messages over the years. In addition, I can't assure you to reply your inquiry.


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Check books which you bought:
 The infomation from the sky 1 (ソラからの情報1)  The story from the sky (ソラからの物語)
 Earthquake and Cloud (地震と雲)  The story of human generation (ソラの人間誕生記)
 The true history from the sky (ソラからの真実の歴史)  Message from the sky (ソラからの伝言)
 Message from stars (星からのメッセージ)  Message from stars 2 (星からのメッセージ2集)
 The story of the Earth (地球物語)  The story of the Star (ホシ物語)
 The story of friends (友達物語)