The story of New Zealand


The story of New Zealand


This is a story that stars in the sky told me.

Long, long time ago, the universe was utter darkness.
The Ohmoto (the central) of the universe was alone, and he played to make whirlpool.
Then very beautiful flashlight turned up, and the flashlight became a star.
The Ohmoto(the central) made a lot of stars in joy.
First star was called "Sagittarius".
In succession, many stars were born.
And last of all, the earth was born.
Small star "the earth" had a company of stars, which always watched and supported him.
They are the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and other stars.
The Sun gave the earth light and warmth.
Mercury gave him water.
Saturn gave him soil, which made many plants to grow on the earth.
Jupiter gave him trees.
Moreover other stars presented him various fishes, animals and flowers.
Therefore the earth became a very happy star.
Accordingly, one group of stars intended to control the earth, as they liked.
And such stars were called "the Ruler's Stars".
However, some stars intended to watch and protect the earth.
Those stars were planets of solar system and Sagittarius and so on.
So the war broke out between two star groups concerning the earth.
Many stars died with that war, and their remains turned into the Milky Way.
In that war, the group of Ruler's Stars won, and they sent the earth dinosaurs, which liked to fight.
The earth became the place full of battles.
The Ohmoto (the central) of the universe felt very sad about it, so he made flash of lightning named "Hoshi-no-miya" as his double, and let her sweep dinosaurs away from the earth.
As Hoshi-no-miya sent a lot of lightnings to the earth, then all dinosaurs died consequently.
The Ohmoto (the central) of the universe told stars to make animals that took good care of their family and friends.
Stars sent many animals to the earth, and finally intended to make "human beings" who were able to understand them.
Stars talked with each other over that stuff, and they made human beings.
However they didn't have any idea how to send humans to the earth.
About that time, the queen of Sagittarius was about to go to the earth to find her husband, the king of Sagittarius.
Because during star wars the king had been lost.
The queen's body was very soft and big as if it were like a mountain, so stars asked her to put a human in her belly and take him to the earth.
The queen consented to the proposal.
The queen and a human alighted on the earth safely, but the queen was not able to move on the earth because of gravity.
In addition to it, her soft body like rice cake fell off like teardrops.
They were called "Lost Pieces".
Using her lost pieces, the queen modeled her children after human beings.
Her children grew bigger and bigger as she said, "Be big", and they were called "Stone gods".
Stone gods built pyramids and made pointed mountains to get energy from the universe.

They had a very hard time because of food shortage and the inability to move freely on the earth, however, they worked very hard for humans.
They made mountains and rivers for humans to get enough water to live, and they asked stars (=the beings from the sky) to make food for humans.
Moreover they advised humans how to live comfortably.
They also made big strange shaped stones, and left stones as a mark to show "We were here".
In the meantime, the beings in Sagittarius found that the queen has not come back home yet.
Then they put humans in their bellies and alighted on the earth one after another and spread all over the world.
After coming to the earth, they tried to help humans by learning how to do from their queen with telepathy.
But the Ruler's Stars intervened in them and made them get solidified.
After Stone gods died, their bodies turned into mountains.
Thanks to Stone gods, human beings multiplied gradually, and lived happily for a while.
Vicious Ruler's Stars saw how thing stand on the earth, and they also alighted on the earth like Stone gods.
The Ruler's Stars enjoyed watching to make humans fight each other instead of dinosaurs.
There was a continent named "Munoia" (=Mu), and the prince of Sagittarius alighted on this continent.
She lived with human beings happily.
But the Ruler's Stars descended there, too.
They turned into big dragons.
They ate people and made people quarrel with torment.
The middle princess of Sagittarius alighted on Australia.
She saw what happened in Munoia.
Then she told humans whom she took with her not to quarrel like that.
The human beings, who came to the earth with the middle princess of Sagittarius came out from her belly before they arrived at the earth.
Because of it, their color of skin turned into a little tanned and their hairs turned into frizz.
The princess gave advice to humans to survive in severe nature.
And she asked stars to create kangaroos for the purpose of making people perceive that beings from Sagittarius (=Stone gods) put humans into each belly and took them to the earth.
Pinnacles are rocks that were put on the ground in a row by Stone gods to express a lot of stars in the universe.
The middle princess laid herself down to the ground when she passed away.
Her body turned into "Ayers Rock".
And her followers, who came to the earth with the princess to help her, turned into "Mount Olga".
Aborigines did honor to the middle princess of Sagittarius who gave advice to them, and they have protected "Ayers Rock" till now.
"Three Sisters" became giant rocks.
There were three princesses, who came to the earth from Sagittarius.
The youngest princess alighted on Antarctica .
The eldest princess of Sagittarius alighted in New Zealand.
She had seen the scenes of disasters in Munoia, so she didn't take any humans with her when she came to the earth.
She found out that dragons made by the Ruler's Stars tried to eat animals.
Then she said to dragons that there are no animals but birds in New Zealand.
She also told the dragons that they will fly away even if they would come there .
Therefore, there were only animals that looked like birds in New Zealand.
There are nocturnal parrots named "Kakapo" there .
The bird digs a hole, also grunts.
This means that they let dragons know as follows: "We are living underground, then you can not find us out ."
The earth seemed to be caught by a big scoop net of the Ruler's Stars when the eldest princess watched the earth from the universe.
So she thought she should leave something symbolizing "the net" for human beings.
Then the eldest princess made some big round rocks, and she drew a pattern of the net on some of them.
Besides she arranged them in a row on the shore to notify to dragons that she would fling stones at them if they swam about in the sea to come New Zealand.

She also asked the beings of the skies to create animals that express about that "net".
So the "turtle" was made.

And then she asked them to create something which had thorns or prickles such as ferns because dragons detested something notched.
So "fern" was made.
Fern has leaves with white backsides.
That meant that people who are controlled by dragons covered up truth (=it means white backside).
And its sprout looks like "question mark".
It means there are a lot of mysteries that have been hidden in this world.
The eldest princess felt so lonely because she did not take any human beings to the earth.
But she knew that human beings would emigrate from other countries to her land in future.
Then she asked her followers, who came to the earth from Sagittarius with the eldest princess, to make high mountains and river for human beings.
The south side of New Zealand was especially cold, so they made high mountains closely to keep off the cold strong breeze.
For the purpose of making high mountains, they dug the ground at the foot of them.
Therefore the places which were dug changed into very deep sea.
It is called fjord now.
They made mountains shaped the triangle instead of pyramids to get energies from universe.
Besides she asked the beings of the skies to create "glow worms" which glow like stars in caves.
It is for the purpose of letting people know that the princess and humans came from stars.
Now, the Ruler's Stars vanished completely because they were called by The Ohmoto(the central) and were advised to change their thoughts.
So the beings from the skies told me this story wishing for the peace of the earth.