The story of Neu (like Neutrino)


The story of Neu (like Neutrino)


【Earthquakes and the cloud】
I would like to offer information on the cause of earthquakes. There seems to be various shapes of clouds, and this diversity in cloud shape is something to do with megalithic culture in the prehistoric age. From this perspective, we may be able to answer to mysteries on the earth.

By summarizing a large amount of information I have obtained over the last eight years through channeling, I have created the following simple story. Since this is a story untold to anyone, you can interpret the contents as freely as you like. I’d be pleased if this might let you notice the existence of information of this kind.

【Story of Niu】
Although it seems that nothing exists in the sky, they say that the sky is filled with elements called Niu that are smaller than atoms. Niu, which we can never see, is said to be looking at the earth with special sentiments. Stars are also not simple masses of rocks or gasses, but groups of Nius with awareness.

The earth was originally a star like a red fireball. Nius in the universe made a plan to make the earth “a star of hope with an apparent shape.”
Agreeing with this plan, a group of “Ishikami atoms of Sagittarius” (which I call “Nius” hereinafter) came to cool and solidify the earth. This group looked like a rectangular stick when it first arrived, and soon became a large mass that resembled kneaded dough, then stretching themselves into a thin film that enveloped the earth.

The next group of Nius came by forming a banana shape and turned to mountains and hills. The last group of Nius looked like a jellyfish and became the origin of living organisms. These Nius turned to creatures of various shapes under the order from the star.

Nius who came first and covered the earth were in constant conversation with Nius who became mountains. These Nius told their sentiments to Nius who were ascending as vapor. The steam Nius then conveyed what they heard from mountain and underground Nius to those in the sky. Nius in the sky who were given such information shared the same sentiments, thus getting together with steam Nius.

These Nius formed a large group. The vapor Nius became water drops and then turned to clouds with a visible shape. In this way, the feelings of Nius who covered the earth or became mountains began to float in the sky as clouds of various shapes.

Meanwhile, Nius with subconscious feelings, who came from the universe and became animated under the instruction of the stars, decided to inform people (or their obvious consciousness) about Nius who turned the earth to a place where animated beings can reside. This is because people (or their obvious consciousness) believe that they can do anything as natural things and they are the smartest beings with abundant knowledge. People are also constantly fighting with each other, unconscious of the fact that both the earth and foods are made of Nius with sentiments. What Nius dislike the most is the fact that people are unaware of Niu’s contribution and respect other thing, namely, religion of various types, which they call God.
When their faith in God is too strong, Nius who constitute the human body send out an SOS. Those who have delivered SOS get together in large numbers and communicate with each other, thereby delivering a massive SOS signal filled with their sentiments to the universe. Nius try to have people notice what they are doing through various actions, which cause various disasters. Thus disasters are messages from the sky (universe) that have been sent in response to people’s sentiments.

Clouds of various shapes are the manifestation of Nius’ sentiments. Those of unusual shapes have been formed when Nius who share the same opinions get together to inform people of the existence of conscious creatures or to protest to people. The appearance of such clouds or the occurrence of earthquakes is a message delivered to attract people’s attention to Nius. This is the cause of earthquakes.
Small earthquakes are also signs sent by Nius to let people know the existence of conscious creatures. When huge earthquakes occur, we should take them as signals from of Nius who want people to know that they are going in the wrong direction.
When the following types of clouds appear, it indicates that the earthquake is imminent. Meanwhile, although earthquakes do happen after these clouds are spotted, people are sometimes unaware of them when they occur offshore or in the distance.

1)Fault cloud
When the cross section of this cloud is clean, it indicates that Nius are of the same opinion and that the earthquake will be of a large scale.

2)Radial cloud
The number of radial rays and level of straightness seem to be in proportion with the scale of the earthquakes.

3)Vertical cloud
This type of clouds goes straight upward from around the earth surface, and their stability and thickness also indicate the level of the earthquake.

4)Bar-shaped cloud
The straightness and smoothness of this cloud again signify the scale of earthquakes.
The authors saw bar-shaped clouds from the airplane at the time of the Fukuoka Earthquake in 2005. At the time, the roundish, bar-shaped clouds made their beautiful appearance from around Fukushima Prefecture, extending to several hundred kilometers ahead. From a satellite photo, I later found that the top of these clouds was located off Fukuoka.

The large semicircular rainbow signifies the original appearance of Nius; they looked like semicircular jellyfish when they first came down to the earth. They got angry at people who did not notice them, thus delivering a warning in a form of a short rainbow to arouse people’s awareness. When a rainbow facing sideways appears, it indicates that a significantly large earthquake is about to occur, while small, vertical rainbows signal tremors of a small scale.

[Drawstring earthquake]
This is an earthquake in which tremors occur not at the epicenter but in areas several hundred kilometers away from it. This type of earthquakes is caused by Nius who form the film. To let people know that quakes are not the result of shifts, they tighten the earth deep inside, like we do to tighten a drawstring, thereby moving the drawstring part (the Pacific side).

[Slow slip]
The term “slow slip” has come to be heard from 2000. It means underground rockslide, which tends to cause large earthquakes, advances slowly without generating tremors that people can feel.

In the plate theory, the Boso Peninsular is said to be moving in the northwestern direction by approximately two centimeters. However, the observation satellite has found that the rocks have shifted one to two centimeters in the opposite southeastern direction. According to preliminary calculations based on this theory, when a slow slip occurs at an instant, it generates energy equivalent of an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5. Slow slips have also been observed in the western Shikoku region, the northern Kii Peninsula and Aichi Prefecture. Slow slips occur when Nius move slowly so that they would not cause damage to people, and huge earthquakes occur when they move abruptly at a time.

[Huge earthquake]
When Nius who constitute a human body are under control of something they dislike (religion, etc.), they begin to cry for help to the universe. This prompts a huge gas comet to dive into the earth in response to their call and create a hole on the film that covers the earth. Nius who constitute this film by holding each other’s hand, try to repair the hole in a hurry, thus causing a huge tremor or tsunami. This is followed by repeated earthquakes, because Nius, who have released each other’s hand at the shock of the comet’s clash, try to hold hands again.
(See cartoons on the reverse cover)

If it is a small dent on the earth crust, Ishikami atoms (Nius) ride on it in large numbers to fill and repair the dent, thereby preventing tsunamis.

* The earth crust is made of many soft Ishikami atoms (Nius) uniting with each other like a mixture of flour, becoming thinner and enveloping the earth surface. The united mass became something like an extended piece of gyoza dumpling, linked each other over the earth (circum-Pacific volcanic zone). The connected sections become loose with the passage of time and with the clash of comets, thereby making the earth weaker. As observed at the time of enormous Asian tsunami in 2004, the earth even comes to look dead temporarily. This is why Ishikami Nius assemble immediately when such dent is created. They try to repair the dent as quickly as possible, thus causing earthquakes and tsunamis if the dent is large.

In hot areas, water atoms try to return to the sky to avoid the extreme heat, thus causing the water to evaporate. These water atoms go upward in a band, and began to chase one another to make the seawater as clean as possible. The chasing causes whirlpool and huge waves, which clean the seawater. The whirlpool of water atoms goes up to the sky one after another, forming thicker clouds. On the sea, water atoms that assemble one after another join in the cleaning and continue chasing, thereby developing into a huge whirlpool.

[Lightning and tornado]
When Nius sharing the same sentiments run down to the earth at a time, the lightning becomes electricity and strikes the earth. At one time, many atoms ran down from the universe all at once, and Nius who came down as【 lightning】 got together on the earth and became people. When a huge tornado occurs, it indicates that the opposite is going on, namely, it rolls up substances and breaking them apart.