The story of Turkey


The story of Turkey


This story is corrected partly from the story written by the reader of this site.

This is Turkish story.

Huge ancient building structures are scattered throughout Mediterranean coast and as a matter of fact,
Ishikami and huge man's body changed into these structures.
And Turkish Ishikami became the first building structures. And after that, Greece, Rome and other district
Ishikami also changed to different kind of stone buildings.
Moreover, people's residence was built by Sirius's leadership.
Those stone buildings were not built by anyone, but built from atom of Ishikami's body, which is atom's own will.
Ishikami that lived in Mediterranean coast wanted the future generation to become aware of their existence
so they became these stone buildings.
Now you can understand why there were many huge buildings in the ancient days. Also Ishikami made many Ishijin too.

Cappadocia was originally named as Katsu Pa To Ki.
Katsu means winning, and Pa is stressing the meaning of equality. (It is because the Japanese letter of Pa is flat shape)
And To means friend, Ki means recording.
More specifically, Katsu Pa To Ki means "the place recording that an equal world can win at any cost."
At that place, unique stones were located as a land mark.
They are looked like a mushroom which shows Ishikami also had a brain. Others are shaped like a semicircular rock
as they were Ishikami's alter ego.
However, before long, master-planet made people forget about the existence of Ishikami and its true meaning.

Reason why there are many basement rooms in Cappadocia is some atoms, they are part of Ishikami's body,
became as a shape of Ishijin and they ran out from the rooms.
When Ishijin was getting out of basement room, big and round stone door were there.
Looking through that door carefully and said never forget about Sagittarian.
Also the door could not be opened from outside, which means Ishijin could never go back to the basement after getting out of there.
All Ishijin could fry with their wings, and there were many different types, like a shape of human with big wing
and with small wing of only angel's head.
Reason why Ishijin had wings is because in Atlantis and Mediterranean sea, Ishijin were living happily together
but the master planet say out of spite.
They made complain that the earth is reserved for only Sagittarian and Sirius.
Sirius was telling many of buildings and aqueduct to Ishikami and helped them to leave different marks on the earth.
However, master planet was envious of it.
So master planet tried to make Ishijin choose being as a stone figure or becoming a human by breaking themselves down.
Some Ishijins chose to stay as a stone figure so they remain in many places.
Buildings under the stone figures are things that giant of Ishijins changed into.
The stone figures and buildings unite so that is why they can stand up on the buildings, not get into pieces,
and they are watching on people's life for thousands of years.
Giant of Ishikami and their friends wanted people to know that many Ishijins were born at basement
and to detect the existence of Ishigami so they became a mushroom shape.

Many unusual stones like a hat on the ground were left as a landmark for a basement around that place.

After a while, a comet fell to the earth, so after that, the environment was dramatically changed by movement of the earth axis.
Many of atoms in universe were wanted to be as a human and they became. Because of many people occurring,
that is why food was in short supply.
Sadly, after that, struggle over the food was started. People didn't listen to what Ishijin taking care of people said.
And people start making war on their own to other places. Today it is called volkerwanderung.
Those people's consciousness was born again and brought on fighting over the world.